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How Cowboy Became a Pin-Up
(A Story of Love & Rescue)

(Cowboy "Mr. August", age 10 months)
(Cowboy, age 10 months)

Back in October of 2008 Sue and her husband, Frank, adopted a beautiful female, white shepherd puppy named Angel. Angel soon became a part of the Pilates of Amelia family, winning the hearts of the staff and clients. Then for some reason, that Sue is still not sure she understands, she began to research white German Shepherd rescue. There she found the heartbreaking story of a young male shepherd (Cowboy) who had been abused and malnurished in his early months. Fortunately, he was rescued and had loving care from a foster mom for several months. Sue got in touch with the rescue organization and was allowed to email the foster mom. Later, after hearing that Cowboy was healing well and would be placed for adoption, Sue and Frank decided to make him a welcomed member of their family. 

The rescue organization, Echo White Shepherd Rescue, asked for a picture of Cowboy in his new surroundings. After receiving the picture they decided to make him Mr. August in their annual calendar. Mom and Dad are very proud!

Visit these links if you would like to know more about Echo White Shepherd Rescue http://www.echodogs.org/ or view Cowboy's pin-up as Mr. August http://www.cafepress.com/echodogsrescue.583225981.

To the left, Cowboy; Below, Angel, 3 years, right, Cowboy, 10 months, left
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