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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I've never done Pilates before. Is that a problem?
A: Absolutely not. We recommend all clients new to Pilates to start with a private session so that you may receive one-on-one training. However, if privates sessions are not available to you, we do offer beginner group classes for new clients.
Q: What if I'm not flexible?
A: Not a problem. Flexibility is not a requirement for Pilates. Improved flexibility is, however, an outcome. 
Q: Can I do Pilates if I have an injury?
A: If you are concerned with any injury or any other medical condition, it is advised that you speak with your doctor before participating in any new exercise program. Our instructors are trained to be able to work with different types of injuries and modify all exercises for your benefit and safety. Pilates is very therapeutic and will help you rebuild muscle strength after your injury.  We also highly recommend private sessions for any clients with moderate to severe injuries.
Q: How soon will I see results?
A: We have many clients who see an improvement in lengthening and posture after only a few sessions. Everyone's body is different and therefore people see results in different amounts of time. Two things have a major impact on how soon you see results: how often you workout and proper nutrition.
Q: So how often should I come?
A: In order to see results in the shortest period of time, we recommend 2-3 times per week. This quickens the toning and strengthening of the body and helps to make your positive changes more permanent.
Q: What kind of training do your instructors have?
A: Sue, the owner, completed over 600 hours in a training program in Authentic Pilates. The rest of our instructors completed over 600 hours in the Body Awareness training program. All instructors are trained through the advanced level in mat, tower, reformer, and apparatus. They continue to attend different types of seminars to improve their teaching. Each of the instructors brings her own background in professional fitness training and therapy. Our massage therapists are fully licensed with the state and keep up with all of there CEU's and state training required for licensing. For more information on their training, visit out Meet Our Staff page.
Q: What kind of equipment do you have in your studio?
A: We are a fully equipped Pilates studio. We have mats with accompanying Tower wall units, contemporary and classical style reformers, a cadillac, high chair, wunda chair, ladder barrel, arc barrels, weight equipment, and various accessories such as stability balls and Magic Circles. For pictures of all of our equipment check out our Slide Show.
Q: Do I have to purchase a membership or pay monthly fees?
A: We have no monthly fees or any kind of contract in our program. You pay only for the sessions you attend and there is no minimum purchase or requirement to the number of sessions that must be attended. We do offer a one-time lifetime membership for $50. This allows you to purchase single sessions or a group of sessions at a discounted price. For all of the details on pricing visit our Prices and Scheduling page.
Q: Are there any kind of additional discounts available to me other than the membership discount?
A: We offer an extra 5% discount on all member and non-member sessions to the following people: 
  • Senior citizen (60 years of age and older)
  • Fire/E.M.T./Law Officer
  • Clergy
  • Active Military and dependents
  • School Teacher
  • Health Care Professional
Q: Do you accept health insurance?
A: We are set up to accept Health Savings Plans and FlexPay.
Q: What kind of class do I receive free with my membership? Is my first session free.
A: With your membership you receive a free Group Tower/Mat session. These are held at specifically appointed times. If you wish to go straight into the group sessions then your first session will be free. If you do not wish to go straight into a group session, then you will have to pay the full member price of a private or duet session. We do not offer free or reduced privates or duets for the first session. If you do not wish to take a free group class or a massage client, you can opt for a free 30 minute massage instead of the free mat class and t-shirt.
Q: Do you offer any sort of introductory class?
A: If you have never done Pilates before, your first class will be more of an introductory session that will introduce you to the Pilates breath, the movement of the body, and some basic Pilates exercises. It is not, however, charged any differently than a regular session.
Q: What do I wear to Pilates? Do I need shoes?
A: Wear clothes you are comfortable with and can easily move in. Something more form-fitting is always preferred to an overlarge T-shirt so that we can properly see your connections and alignment. No you do not need shoes, only socks. If you forget your socks we keep clean socks that we wash ourselves for you to borrow.

Q: If I am getting a massage, am I required to undress partially or fully?

A: The level to which you undress, if at all, is entirely up to your comfort level. Although many people undress fully during their massage, if you are in any way uncomfortable with it, you do not have to. Please discuss any discomforts with your therapist, as it is there desire to make you as comfortable as possible for your session.
Q: I only live in the area part time or am gone frequently on business. How do I pay for my sessions and what happens to my sessions while I am gone?
A: Many of our clients are only here for part of the year. You have the option to pay for your session each time you come or may purchase multiple sessions. You don't lose them when you leave. The sessions are good for one year from date of purchase. Your sessions will still be here when you return within that year. You can always ask a receptionist when your sessions will expire to know if you need to use them all before you leave. Sessions can not be refunded but may be transferred to a family member or friend.
Q: How do I schedule my classes and sessions? Do I have to sign up on the computer?
A: We do not have an online scheduler. Please call the studio for all questions and scheduling.
A receptionist will be happy to answer your questions and assist you with scheduling. Visit our page Computer vs Human for more info on our scheduling policies.
Don't see your question? Visit our Contact Us page to ask us any questions you have. Chances are if you're wondering someone else out there is wondering the same thing.
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