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Prices and Scheduling
Free 30 minute Intro Session
This 30 minute one-on-one session with a Certified Pilates Instructor includes and introduction to the Pilates method with equipment and a postural assessment.

Membership: A one time $50 fee includes a life-time membership and a choice of either a free group tower/mat session and a free t-shirt. Our members can also purchase session cards at reduced rates. All sessions expire after 1 year of purchase and are non-refundable.
All sales are final.
Single Session Rates
                 Non-Member         Member
Private              $92.5                 $77.5 
Duet                   $71                    $56   
Grp Ref              $56                    $48  
Tower/Mat        $42.75              $36.75 

Multiple Session Rates (Session Cards) (Members Only)
                     5          10            15           20    
Private   $377.5  $725     $1042.5     $1,310
Duet        $270    $510        $720       $900
Grp Ref    $215    $410       $570       $700
Group Tower/         
Mat       $153.75   $277.5     $386.25   $475

We also extend a 5% discount to the following people (limit 1 per person)
Fire/E.M.T./Law  Officer
Active Military and dependents
Senior Citizen (60 years of age and Older)
School Teacher
Students (through college)
Health Care Professional
We except Visa, Mastercard, Health Savings Plan and FlexPay.
 Group Schedule
Monday: 2 pm Tower/Mat

Tuesday: 4 pm Men's Tower/Mat
Wednesday: 12 noon Tower/Mat
Friday: 1 pm Group Reformer
Saturday: 9 am Tower/Mat
 All Diet consultations, Private, and Duet sessions are scheduled at a time of your choosing, allowing instructor/therapist availability. Please call us today to schedule your appointment.
 ITG Diet Pricing
 Initial Consultation - $299
(1-hour consult & 2 week food starter kit)

Weekly 15-minute Consult - $5 or 6 for $25

 *All ITG Diet food purchased during weekly consults. Dieters will need 3-4 boxes per week. Average daily cost of ITG food is $12.

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