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“I can't imagine life without Pilates, and specifically, Pilates of Amelia. When I moved to Amelia Island several years ago, I was told I was in immediate need of spinal surgery for spinal stenosis.” Click to read full testimonial
“I had a stroke on the right side. After being in the hospital and living in rehab, I am getting my right side back with help by Sue. I am very, very pleased with the status of my right side. They make sure I do my left side as well as my right and I am very happy with the progress. Sue is awesome.”
Bill Ramsbottom
"I have been a fairly active person all my life and have tried many new fitness fads. I tried my first yoga class in college and have done it off and on ever since. I’ve tried The Firm, Zumba, free weights and machines at the gym. I’ve trained for triathlons and 5 and 10k races. But with my first exposure to the philosophy of Pilates it sounded right because it talked about strengthening the parts of the body that were weak and achy." Click to read full testimonial.
Bette Davis
"When I first walked into the Pilates of Amelia studio in July 2006, I was looking for a lifestyle change that included an exercise program and would accommodate my busy schedule and long hours.  I had no idea what Pilates would do for me but had heard about it and was curious.  It is a form of exercise, right?" Click to read full testimonial.
Dana Fleming
1894 S. 14th Street, Suite 3
Fernandina Beach, Fl 32034
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